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Ukuran: Panjang: 56 cm, Lebar: 50 cm
Harga Rp. 25.000/pcs
Harga grosir Rp.22.000 setiap pembelian min 6 pcs


can i please ask all in this group to be respectful of others - we all have different opinions and they are all valid , some are more militant than others but it doesnt mean their opinions are less valid but nastiness is not necessary in any instance ! thank u xxxxx
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  • Lizzie Love totally agree Sarah Chapman This is a moderate group of animal lovers... not just some animals... all animals... but the operative word is "moderate". There are forums available to express our varying opinions and moderate respectful non-personal opinions and commentary is welcomed and encouraged here. Personal attacks and distorted mis-information however is not acceptable on this forum however as this group does not wish to switch the focus from positive initiatives to help animals, help pet owners quickly get assistance and promote responsible pet ownership to pointless negative beating up of people who own, breed or promote specific breeds of animals that they feel will bring joy and enrich lives.
  • Sarah Chapman freedom of choice, respect for opinions whether we agree with them or not .....we are all adults who shouldnt bitch but should support each other n debate amicably where necessary ! the militant members opinions are valid n the facts seem to be true from what i witness here on my complex with locals ....militant or non militant - all valid n valued opinions ....opinions are subjective n never wrong ! thank u xxx
  • Lizzie Love n never wrong BECAUSE they are subjective LOL. My point here Sarah Chapman is that while opinions are an entitlement, where you voice them and how you voice them is not... This group clearly states what it is about and most members respect that. Militant views and personal attacks are not acceptable in this group and that will not change. Those that wish to express themselves in that manner can do so on some other forum... not here. While I respect the right to differing opinions, this is simply not a forum for personal attack and I will simply remove members who do not respect the stated boundaries of expression in the ABOUT section, by attacking other members or denigrating the local Balinese community. If animals are being mistreated in your complex then rather than attack, inform, and set then example. Attacking simply alienates the local community and does not accomplish any improvement in the conditions for the animals. Irresponsible pet care is not the exclusive domain of Bali either and it is incumbent upon all of us to improve conditions for animals wherever and whenever we can. How we approach that is where I personally [and most of the members here] differ from militants who resort to exaggeration, judgement as to motive, and personal attack. Calm non emotive, factual [not gossip] information on the needs of animals and the benefits to the owner of providing proper care will do far more to change conditions than abusing and attacking people.
  • Lizzie Love It would also be good to see some examples of where local people do take good care of their animals... and there are many... never commented on though... why is that? Just go to one of the Dog Shows Perkin does in Bali. Watch the agility trials and check out the healthy well groomed dogs there... hundreds of them... and growing. These local people set the example for responsible dog care within their own communities. Yes there are many abuses that occur with dogs in Bali, but there are also many local people who are fantastic pet owners. By supporting their efforts and commenting on the success stories good animal care and practices will expand. This does not mean that we ignore abuse... we don't... but let's try to lead by example, to educate... before we "tar" the entire Balinese community with the same brush.
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